We set out to educate in order to preserve and maintain healthy trees.

Your trees need structural pruning and dead wooding once a year to keep their growth in check, as well as to protect your property and home.  Tree removal is another important part of what we do to keep your landscape beautiful.  Removing dead and diseased trees can help stop the spread of disease.

As a bonus, we provide tons of resources for our customers so they can continue caring and maintaining their trees.

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Storm Pruning Your Trees

Storms like we have in St. Petersburg and the Tampa bay area bring heavy rain or wind can be really bad news for your trees. Depending on how you have pruned and maintained your trees in the past,....READ MORE...

Approaches to Pruning

It is all about the strength of a young tree's structure. New trees should be pruned with long term health in mind. This means favoring overall strength at first and then going for an emphasis on form an appearance as the tree matures. In later years, these earlier concerns should be based on maintaining the soundness of structure....READ MORE...

Tree Removal Aspects

So tree removal sounds like a lot of fun, huh? It can be. If the weather is nice and you have good helpers. If conditions are not ideal, it is a great way to get hurt or damage your property. So before you begin your weekend yard project, here are a few things you need to know...READ MORE...

Tree Removal Guide

Ok so if you have read the above article and still want to proceed, here are some tips in a how to format to help you...READ MORE...

We've got plenty more tree related information where that came from--give us a few and we'll have more articles, links and information on tree preservation and maintenance. We encourage you to check back often. If you are looking for a particular city click Here.