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Importance of Using a Local Company for Tree Removal

Tree removal can sound like an opportunity for some outdoor adventure and fun. However, it is something that needs to be approached with a lot of caution as a tree removal can result in several hazards as listed below.

Bodily Harm

If one is interested in removing a tree on their own, they are most probably thinking about using chain saws. Using a chain saw is not as simple as pulling a cord and going to work. One would need to know how to cut the tree and how to handle the power of the chain saw. Common injuries occurring from the use of chain result from improper grip, broken blades and flying debris and crushing injuries. A good pair of gloves and work boots is essential. Also mandatory is a pair of goggles. Even if a person is wearing the right attire, hiring a professional is a much better option when it comes to safely removing a tree.

Damage to Property

A tree will need to fall in a pre thought out area after it has been cut. Though this might sound so simple, it is amazing to see the number of mistakes made by home owners who try to bring down the tree on their own. Tree removal that results in property damage may not be covered by insurance if it is ascertained that your negligent actions were the result of the damage. A professional tree removal company will however have the right insurance coverage to cover any liabilities that arise from the mistakes that they do or any mishaps that might occur. Note, for a large takedown a professional tree removal company will NOT show up in a pickup truck pulling a trailer.

Proper Tree Removal

Many people who attempt removal on their own find out that it is a much harder and scarier task than what they thought it would be. Depending on the size of the tree and what is in the drop zone, it can take several hours or even a few days to bring down a single tree and get rid of it. It will first need to be cut and brought down. This may involve climbing the tree or working from the safety of a bucket truck. It will then have to be trimmed and all the branches and limbs will need to be cleared out. The trunk will then have to be cut into smaller sizes. The stump will then have to be ground out to prevent future growth. The last stage of the tree removal will involve cleaning up of all the debris. This can be a very laborious process that will be carried out very efficiently by an experienced tree removal company.

When choosing a company to remove your tree, try to pick one that has been around for a number of years and with a lot of experience. Inquire about the type of equipment they will be using. Ask them to explain to you how they are going to approach the process. It is also very important to have a mutual understanding on the fall area, especially if the tree is close to a building or other structure. If it is determined that a crane or grapple truck will be needed based on the size of the tree make sure that is written in the estimate. Both parties should receive a signed copy of the estimate.

Also, check out their insurance coverage policies and licenses to make sure that you will be free of any liabilities that might occur in the form of property damage caused by a tree removal process. Every town or county will definitely have a handful of experienced tree removing companies allowing you to get a competitive price on their professional services.